The Peanut Puzzle

My parrot is very loud at times.  This is fine, except I can’t explain to him that we live in an apartment now and the neighbors might not like it.

He’s quieter if I’m in the room he’s in (or vice versa), so I’ve started carrying him around the apartment.  The noise is often a way to get my attention, and this is a way to resolve it.  Today I gave him a puzzle to keep him occupied:  a peanut on the end of a string hanging from the end of his perch.  He hasn’t figured it out, but that’s okay.  He’ll have lots of time to work on it.

I’m thinking of my queries as my peanut puzzle.  Getting published is something I want, just out of reach, with some guidance on how to get it but no clear-cut path.  I’ll just have to keep working on it until I finally get the thing published.  Too bad it’s not as easy for me as it will be for the parrot.  🙂