I have a habit of using one project to procrastinate on another.  For example (hypothetically, of course) I might work on my story instead of unpacking my kitchen.  Interestingly enough, what is avoidance-worthy today might be the tool of avoidance tomorrow.  Again theoretically, I might have unpacked my kitchen tonight instead of working on a poster for work. 

Ok, neither of those is really hypothetical.  🙂

I am a big slacker, too, and I know it.  I have a lot of blog reading/commenting to catch up on, so I apologize if you feel ignored.  (I’m also planning a whole blog post just about slacker blogging – eventually.) 

For now, though, enough procrastinating.  I got my poster drafted, my kitchen (mostly) unpacked, and now I need to catch up on sleep.  I’ll get back to my story tomorrow.