Setting Goals

Goals are good.  They can help you get things done, look toward the future, and prioritize your time.

I have a rule about goals.  Is anyone surprised?  I will not set a goal that requires another person’s involvement.  Thus, when all my friends were setting the goal of being a wife and mother, I did not.  That depened on a man, and I have no control over the behaviors of others.  This means that I cannot make “getting an agent” a goal, but I can make “send out X query letters” a goal.

In the next 6 months, I have set myself two large goals: finish “Burden of Knowledge” for Serial Central, and complete another novel.  (You can vote on which novel I should work on in yesterday’s post.)  Of course, that is on top of continuing to post here everyday, and sending out more query letters to try to get the first novel published.  🙂  I like to do lots of things at once.

Wish me luck!