A Fresh Start

I am completely moved, although not unpacked, with a lot of help from many friends.  (It took 7 people, plus me, to make the move happen!!)  I also have internet in my lovely new apartment – thus, blogging ability returns!!

Exhaustion is a funny state – I know I have been this physically worn out before, but I can’t remember it.  Sleeping on an air matress for two nights, staying up late and getting up early to pack the two nights prior, and working all day in between will make you tired regardless, but moving boxes and furniture on top of that has taken it out of me.

Now that I have moved, I plan to focus once again on my publishing and writing adventures.  I am hoping to get the next several parts of “Burden of Knowledge” finished and send out a few more query letters within the next week.  I also have to decide which novel to work on.  What do you think?  Dragons (the new one) or Butterflies (the sequel to my existing novel)?  At this point both are equally in the front of my mind, and I will outline both before really jumping in to one or the other.

Please help me choose!  The choices are: Dragons, a “gate” fantasy – half set in this world, half in another, with dragons and elves and magic – or Butterflies, a sequel to my existing manuscript – for a better description of the world and the premise, read my synopsis page and the beginnings of my serial story on Serial Central.

What’s your vote?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jannatwrites
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 22:25:04

    Hmmm…I’m really not a Fantasy reader, so if someone asked me this question, I’d vote for the sequel to Butterflies. So far, I like the story you’ve got on Serial Central, so if the Butterflies novel is similar, I’d probably like it.

    But, since I like your writing, maybe I would like the other one with magic…I don’t know.

    Sheesh, I’m indecisive. I hope someone else can help you!


  2. YerMom
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 07:54:08

    I vote for Butterflies! Want to know what happens next:)


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