I started to really work on the next scene for Burden of Knowledge in my head today and realized that I have to go wade through my manuscript for Queen’s Butterflies before I can continue.  I think there is a scene in the book that is in the same location as the scene for the story, and I want them to be consistent.  It drives me crazy when a story or series is inconsistent.  The people who check those things in TV and movies call it “continuity” and even there, they can mess up.  The storyline for one of the recurring serial killers early on in CSI: had a continuity issue, and it bothers me a little every time I watch the episode with the mistake.

Of course, my short story is set three generations before my book and room decor can change, so consistency in this case is not quite as tricky.  Architectural details are a different dog, however, so I’ll still need to confirm.  Too bad the hard copy is “checked out” by one of my coworkers; I’d rather flip pages than page down on the computer, but it seems I have no choice.

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of Burden of Knowledge!  Look for part 2 next Sunday!