A Picture is Worth…

Today the first 1000 or so words of my new short story Burden of Knowledge posted today on Serial Central! 

Even if you haven’t read my manuscript, The Queen’s Butterflies, you should give my story a try.

Here is a sample, a teaser, a taste, just for you:

“The funeral of King Ewan was a grand affair of state.  He had died unexpectedly, when a pleasure ride with his children was interrupted by a fleeing poacher and the pursuing woodsmen.  His spirited young gelding spooked, throwing him, and his neck had broken, leaving Prince Stefan to rule the kingdom before his time.  Ewan had been a good king, and kind, always considerate of the welfare of his people and the good of his nation.  The whole of Diaea mourned his loss.”

Now you want to read the whole thing, right? 🙂