Working in a cluttered space is difficult.

I didn’t start out as a neat-freak; honestly, I can’t claim to be one now.  There are lots of ways that I am disorganized and messy.  My workspace is not one of them.

If the immediate area where I am working is cluttered, I get distracted and unfocused.  Yes, cleaning can be a good way to procrastinate, but sometimes it is necessary for me to put my mind in order.  I once had to take everything off my walls at work, eliminate many of the items, and put them back in a neater formation.  I was starting to feel crowded by my own decor!

Fortunately, most of my fiction writing is interesting enough to me that I can work even in my current messy space.  I should be able to work in a neater environment soon.  That will make getting my brain to do its thing easier!