Words of Significant Weight

I own far too many books.

It never seems like too many books until I have to move them all.  I have already packed four boxes with just my fantasy collection (most of which is paperback) and I still have textbooks, kids’ books, nature books, interpretation books, Shakespeare, general fiction…  This could take a while.

I have to leaven the boxes with other things (like DVDs, games, etc) to make them light enough to lift.  I knew that words could have weight, but this is ridiculous!  I’m running out of lighter things to put in the boxes – I may have to shift to clothing. 

And don’t get me started about the National Geographics.  Every time I’ve moved, I’ve put my ever growing NG collection in the same box together.  Not this time!  Do you know how much nearly 14 years worth of NatGeos weigh?  Using the time-honored (and highly scientific) method of weighing myself and then weighing myself while holding magazines, I have discovered that the 2009 issues alone weigh about 8 pounds.  For those not near a calculator that equals almost 112 pounds worth of paper and ink.  112 pounds!!  Do you want to carry that much weight in a box (or two) in front of you?  Me, neither.

I might put the heavier hardbacks (and those yellow-spined magazines) into rolling suitcases.  That alleviates the carrying, at least until there are stairs involved.  Clothes can go in boxes, right?

Some have suggested that moving is a chance to purge, to simplify, to lighten your personal load.  While I am planning to viciously pare down my wardrobe and plan to leave behind a variety of randomness that I have accumulated, I absolutely refuse to reduce my collection of words.  Books are my friends when no one else is, and I will carry the boxes myself if the need arises.  🙂

Plug it in, plug it in

Just wanted to remind you: today the stories start on SerialCentral!! 

I know you are all anxiously awaiting my story, Burden of Knowledge, but please take the time to read the other stories, too!  You might find another fantastic author to follow.  Besides, part of the fun of a multi-author blog is the chance to share fans.  🙂