Pushing Paper

I am an electronic kind of writer.  I write everything on the computer – blogs are created in WordPress, stories are typed up on my laptop, and outlines and notes live in my hard drive. 

There are a few things that I keep in hard copy.  There are two hard copies of my manuscript floating around (not counting any my mom has printed) and I like to have a printed list of names to refer to while writing.  Occasionally I find a need to sketch a dress or draw a timeline, but most of my notes can fit in a small pocket folder.

Today I waded through boxes of old files, cleaning things out and re-organizing.  I had forgotten about a few things that have gone digital in the last few years: direct deposit pay stubs, bank statements, even some bills I get completely online now, not in paper form.  While I like to do many things on my laptop, there is one thing I refuse to do electronically: read books.  There is just something about holding a paperback in my hand or propping a hardback open on the bed that can’t be replicated by an e-reader, no matter how fabulous.  It does mean that I have to haul heavy boxes of books when I move, but I can live with that.

Shorter things are easy to read online.  I like to read blogs, e-zines, and news on the computer.  And starting tomorrow, I’m going to be reading fantastic stories on SerialCentral.  You should, too!!  Hopefully one day all the authors on the blog will have real, published books you can hold in your hand, but for now, you can enjoy their fiction (and mine!) online.