Finding Myself (again?)

What is it about family?  You can hear the same comments, advice, and suggestions from your friends, over and over, but it’s family who really bring it home.

I’ve been struggling with some very large things in my personal life lately.  (Did you read my Heartbreak post?)  In the process of life and these hurdles, I had somehow lost the ability to focus on myself.  One of the multitude of accusations made recently was that I am selfish, so I spent months trying to prove that I wasn’t.  Unfortunately, I am now in a position to need to stand up for myself.  No matter how much my friends reminded me of that, it never made it through.

My family sure made certain that my backbone was re-calcified before they left! 

It feels almost as though a part of me had been hidden and has finally been found.  I know that it won’t stay, that I won’t keep this new-found confidence forever.  Things like this can’t last.  But I plan to enjoy it while I have it, and I know that my friends and my family will be there to help me find it again if I need it.

Hm.  This post didn’t talk at all about writing, just about my life.  Oh, well, a little personal insight for you to enjoy, I guess!