Writing Practice

She walked slowly, the ground beneath her feet smooth and damp.  Water lapped gently over her bare toes.  Waves crashed against themselves far in front of her, running their energy out on the long, shallow slope of the beach.  She continued wading further into the ocean, stopping when the swells reached her knees.  The water, surprisingly warm, offered a marked contrast to the brisk breeze blowing off the water and the cool drops of rain that pattered gently against her shoulders and head.

As she stood, the water inexorably worked at the sand.  What had started with a trickle of grains rushing from beneath her grew to a steady pull.  The feeling of the earth being washed out from under her feet finally became too unnerving.  She took a step forward just as a wave crested near her; the spray hit her face and shocked a smile onto it.  Licking her lips, she tasted salt.  On the horizon, pelicans could just be seen diving for their food.  She watched, entranced, as they dropped one after another to collide with the surface, rising again when their attempts failed to result in fish. 

Without warning, a ray of sun burst from the gray clouds overhead and lit the horizon.  A gorgeous rainbow spread from sea to sky.  Reveling in the glory of the moment, she threw her arms back and raised her head, rain and salt spray mingling on her face, her hair streaming out behind her in the wind.  Her spontaneous laughter joined that of the nearby gulls.  In that instant she felt overwhelmed; tiny and insignificant, yet a part of something so much bigger than herself.