It’s Trivial

I love trivia.  My friends and I often play in the trivia bowl at a local spot, I like to watch trivia game shows on TV, and I have already mentioned my affinity for Sporcle

While the plot is the backbone of a story and the characters make it come to life, it is the little trivial details that add depth and flavor to a book or movie.  The color of someone’s hair rarely has a bearing on the outcome of the story, but authors generally share physical details of their characters to make them feel real.  A movie cut-away to follow a falling piece of a rocket doesn’t impact the final destination of the ship, but gives us a sense of completeness of the world in which it is flying.  These nuggets of information are like the seasoning of a dish; not enough, the story is too bland, but too many and your reader is overwhelmed.  The challenge for any author is to find the exact amount needed to make the story worth savoring.