Inside Information

My family are visiting this week, and as my sister says, “We are the coolest people ever.”  My parents, sister and I have a lot of inside jokes.  I know this doesn’t sound abnormal, but, trust me, we have a lot of inside jokes.  They are also historical in nature – we have comments and sayings from trips, from visits, from specific events.  I would share them with you, but that would sort of ruin it.  Besides, you wouldn’t get it. 

Visiting with them brings up all the inside jokes, and whoever brings one up gets points for remembering.  We’ve also created a new one, just in the day that we’ve been together.  For my family (who read the blog): look at that park bench!!

In books, there may not be inside jokes, but characters often have inside information.  There is knowledge shared between people that is important for them to know, and others to not know.  The trick is knowing when to share it with the reader, and how to share it.  In Butterflies, there are many back stories and pieces of info that the reader gets to see in small parts.  There is also shared info that everyone in the book knows, but it is more than the reader needs and would bog the story down to share.  This is the basis for my first story at Serial Central.  The best is when the reader knows something that someone in the book doesn’t; it makes the character’s slow realization agonizing and enjoyable all at once.


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  1. Lua
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 12:36:44

    Sounds like an amazing story Leigh- can’t wait to read it @ Serial Central!


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