Social Networking

I have entered the dangerous realm of social networking.  You can now become my fan on facebook!  Search for Leigh Townsend and select the one with the pretty blue butterfly for a picture, or click the link below.

I have to admit, I am a little bit scared by this, but it is another way for me to have fans.  Hopefully I can somehow play this into getting published.  A little self-promotion never hurt anyone, right?  Of course, that’s assuming I don’t end up with stalkers.  I think I have protected myself, but we’ll have to see.  With blogs linked and real names in email addresses, I may have some trouble.  Hmm….  maybe I need a new “author” email address.  You know, this would all be so much easier with an agent.

If you like my blog and my stories, read my serial and become my fan on facebook.  If nothing else, it helps encourage me to keep writing!