Do you have an outlet?

Because I have a plug!

I have been invited to be a part of a new serial story blog, called Serial Central.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, this blog will have 7 ongoing stories by 7 authors, and each story will have a ‘chapter’ or section posted once a week.  I am writing a story called “Burden of Knowledge” set in Diaea, the country of Butterflies.  It is a prequel to my first novel, although it will stand alone – you don’t need to have read the novel to understand (and hopefully enjoy) the story.

Please check it out!  Part of the fun of a serial blog with multiple authors is sharing our fans with each other!  It also gives me a chance to show possible agents and publishers that I already have a following (however small) for my fiction.

My first readers should remember the motivation I got from hearing “do you have chapters?” every week – comments and hits help keep me writing!!!