Hey all, I have decided for a variety of reasons to go with a pseudonym last name while trying to get published.  So if you are looking for me, I am now Leigh Townsend.

John Kirk Townsend was a naturalist who discovered a bunch of new bird species in the 1800s, and has at least two birds named for him (a solitaire and a warbler).  He also happens to have the same birthday as me.  🙂


I have alwyas been bad at small-scale multitasking, and good at big-scale multitasking.  It sounds contradictory, but hear me out.

Small-scale multitasking is watching TV while doing homework, talking on the phone while folding laundry, etc.  I get very absorbed in TV, movies, and books, so I can’t enjoy those while doing something else that requires focus.  If it doesn’t require focus (like laundry, solitaire, or washing dishes) than I can sometimes pull it off, but I usually do better if I stick to one task at a time.

I can, however, manage multiple large projects at once.  I started my first novel while taking two classes for my Master’s degree, and successfully completed all three.  This big-picture multitasking doesn’t require splitting focus; rather, it requires splitting time and priorities, and I am suited to that.  In fact, I prefer to have multiple projects at once.  It makes life interesting.

Having said that, this blog entry is actually a warning and a preemptive request for forgiveness.  I am working on 4 major projects right now, besides this blog, and many of them have looming deadlines.  I apologize in advance if I miss a day of the blog – I am hoping to get the projects done while still finding time to write about the writing process, but it may not happen every day.

Please realize that I am working on other things, not simply skipping the blog for convenience or lack of something to say.  🙂