**Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, practice writing emotions based on some of the things that I’ve been feeling recently**

She stood staring at the door, rigid and unable to move.  Her mind groped for thoughts, for words, but found only emptiness.  Vivid, raw emotions ripped through her instead, roiling furiously.  Some lingered, holding up a warped mirror to her self-esteem, while others tore through at breakneck speed, peppering her with holes before disappearing.

Disbelief was first, a gaping hole, undiminished even by the warning signs.  Through the weeks of crumbling that came before the collapse, she had held onto a glimmer of hope.  That tiny flame had been snuffed so abruptly that it took long moments before she knew it was gone.

Hot red slashes of anger and hurt blazed through her being, unpredictable and recurring.  The fury attempted to keep her alive, keep her from sliding into the yawning maw opening before her.  It was an inferno, and rather than keeping out the cold it succeeded only in scorching her soul. 

Guilt chased them all like a tattling child, flinging every tiny error, every wrong move into stark relief.  The growing pile of faults blocked more and more of her sight until there was little to see but her own barbs thrown back at her.

Finally, welling up from her core and so powerful the pain was physical, came despair.  A weight that wouldn’t lift, a gaping space in her chest, every breath became a torment. The muscles in her face finally shifted, forming a mask of perfect misery.  With a feral sob that came from deep within, she gave into the tears and collapsed onto the floor.  Everything that had come before washed away, until her throat was raw and her carpet soaked.  And finally the words came, two only, that echoed in the space that remained.

He’s gone.