Time for Another Round

I received the final response from my last round of query letters – a very nice, very friendly “no.”   I have to say I’m not surprised.

Now begins the fun of yet another round of query letters.  This time I can add that I have a blog!  I’m going to have to wait a bit, though, as I have a series of commitments and large projects in other parts of my life that must be dealt with.

  As I do have these other things that are starting to loom large (and I just gave you a lot of new stuff yesterday!) I will be keeping this entry short and sweet.  Look for a hopefully reinvigorated blog entry tomorrow.  🙂

Birthday Challenge Conclusion

I will give you a new, longer post later, but I wanted to post a quick total for those who are coming back to see how you did.

Thanks for your support on my birthday!  Final count: 420 hits, and a whole bunch of comments!  Thank you!!!!