Birthday Challenge Part 2

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Apparition of Myth

Flashes of silver, blue, green

                    a wing-tip, a claw-tip, a fang-tip

and suddenly an immense creature bursts from the trees

With a few wing beats, it clears the very tops

                     Scales reflecting moonlight,

                               imitating stars

                    It soars away, beyond my vision.

 Did I dream the dragon?

                   This fascinating vision from stories of yore.

I had thought these beasts fantasy,

                    or perhaps extinct

                              from too many heroes with too many swords.

This imaginary, long-dead monster

                    more magnificence than monstrosity.

Was it truly just beyond that tree?

What else might this once-known forest hold?

                    Perhaps a troll lives behind that boulder,

                    A unicorn in that quiet grove.

Whatever else this place of trees and dreams may hold,

                    for one night, it held a dragon.

Living art, just glimpsed,

                    an apparition of myth.