The Joy of Fans

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have those moments when I start to think, “Maybe my first book isn’t that good.  Maybe I should quit trying to get it published and focus on the next one.”  These are especially bad when I’ve gotten several “no thanks” letters.

Compliments about the novel are the best way to revive my hope.  One of my coworkers, Taylor, is reading “The Queen’s Butterflies” manuscript.  This is not unusual; there is a waiting list of friends and coworkers who want it and I am hesitant to print a second copy.  I enjoy letting people read the novel, and I like to bother the people who are – you know, along the lines of “what’s going on in the story”, “who’s your favorite character”, etc.

Today Taylor offered before I could ask.  She told me that she’d read 7 chapters last night, and she had to force herself to stop because she “couldn’t put it down.”  It’s one of my favorite compliments, and definitely made my day!

I like having fans.  🙂

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