Geek Out

I would like to take a moment for a science geek-out.  It vaguely relates to reading, so bear with me.  (Or don’t.  You can leave if you want – come back for my usual writing stuff tomorrow.) 

I was never a big fan of chemistry.  Biology is my world – I liked organic chem a little in high school but got a bit freaked out by chem for science majors in college and didn’t take anything beyond what was needed to graduate.  That said, I am a trivia nerd, so I recently attempted the periodic table of elements on Sporcle, and did very poorly.  I mean, I forgot iron and lead, that’s how bad I did.

I do not like failing. 

I made it my mission to improve, learning a few more every time and creating a system so I could remember them all.  I have gotten them all right several times now, and even when I forget one or two they are never the same as the previous time.  I have also managed to get all the elements on other quizzes, which proves that the knowledge is now usable.  (Of course, if I need it is another question, but really, that’s beside the point.)

At about the same time, I discovered Sam Kean’s Blogging the Periodic Table on Slate.  We’ve now combined learning the elements with reading about them – this perks my interest.  My dad suggested finding the song “Elements” on YouTube, which I did and it is funny.  However, more exciting, I discovered “Meet the Elements” by They Might Be Giants, from their kids’ CD called “Here Comes Science.”  When you add silly songs on top of games and blogs, well, I’ve turned into a mini-chemistry nerd.

Of course, there are limits to my interest – I do not plan on balancing chemical equations for fun anytime soon.  I am impressed, though, how a simple thing like stumbling on a blog and attempting a quiz can have such an impact on my interests!  Maybe I’ll do the same for someone else someday!

Thank you for your patience with my geek moment, you may now return to your normal lives.  🙂  Don’t forget my Birthday Challenge!  50 hits on Aug 10!!