Blogging has the dangerous potential to become an easy way to procrastinate.

Writing here is free, loose, with little structure and no plot to follow.  That makes it somewhat easier (while also simultaneously harder – an interesting irony) than working on my book.  I have been very good in the last few weeks about blogging every day; I have not been so good about putting scenes onto paper for my novel.  I am creating a tense relationship at the point I am in with the novel, and it is easy to feel but difficult to explain.  It’s one of those great romantic struggles; they both want each other, but don’t want to want each other, or admit they want each other, and the whole situation gets strained and stressful before it resolves.  It’s that weird combination of desire, jealousy, longing, resistance, and dislike that is easy to feel –  but how do you put it in words?  Even that last sentence was challenging and only partially successful.

When something gets hard, it is human nature to shy away.  I did the same thing with the current round of query letters.  Today I finally put my foot down and made myself write a scene in the novel before writing this.  Blogging is dangerous, but if I know the dangers, maybe I can avoid them.