Character Driven

Where does my story come from?  The characters,  always the characters.

I get to know my characters; they all have a little bit of me in them.  (Yes, even the villians.)  I know back stories and motives, how they move and how they think.  I develop their stories into my novel.  Sometimes I have to cut some of an individual’s story in the end, to tell a bigger story.  I have a couple in the novel I am currently writing that has a wonderful story of how they met – it makes me smile every time I tell it – but the newest direction for the novel has them appearing for the first time already together.  Such is life – and also where short stories come from.

So the story unfolds from the characters, from their thoughts and ideas.  I’ve had a minor side character hijack a story, eventually becoming the narrarator.  I’ve had an afterthought character (so it seemed at the time) become a key piece to a plot unfolding.  And I’ve written with no idea where the story would take me, simply following where the characters led.

The characters, always the characters.  I get very attached sometimes, and the ones who turn out to be my favorites in the end almost never started that way.


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  1. jannatwrites
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 22:33:24

    I’m sure the thought you put into the characters shows in your stories. It’s good that they can still surprise you in the end!


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