A Tale of Two Princesses

I made this story up out of thin air for a couple of little girls at work today. (They helped – they named the princesses, decided what the magician wanted, and picked the color of the unicorn.)  I’ve revised it a bit for the written version, and it is probably better told than written, but I hope you enjoy it!

There were once two princesses, Princess Sara and Princess Beautiful, who were sisters.  Princess Beautiful had gorgeous blonde hair and Princess Sara had exquisite brown hair.  They were happy together, most of the time, but they were jealous of each other’s hair.  Beautiful wanted brunette hair, and Sara wanted blonde.

The two went to a magician and asked him to help them.  “Oh, magician,” they cried, “We are not happy with the color of our hair.  Would you change it for us?”

The magician thought for a long while and finally said, “Yes, I will change you hair, but for a price.  You must bring me a gift – a new magic wand.”

The two girls pleaded, “But magician, we do not know where to find such a wand.”

“Go into the deep, dark forest and ask the unicorn,” was his reply.

So the princesses set off into the deep, dark forest, looking for the unicorn.  On the way, they encountered an enormous bear.  They were very scared, for they knew that the bear’s favorite food was princesses.  The girls also knew that his second favorite food was brownies, and they had brought the best brownies in the world.  These brownies had icing, and sprinkles, and even a little bit of caramel, and they had been baked by the castle chef, who was known to be the best brownie baker in the world.  Trembling, Sara and Beautiful held out the dessert and begged, “Please do not eat us, Bear, for we have brought you brownies.”

The bear considered carefully, weighing his options.  “I do not often get Princess for dinner,” he said slowly, “but it is also rare that I get brownies.”  After what seemed like ages, he finally decided.  “I am in the mood for chocolate,” the bear announced.  “Give me your brownies, and you may pass by unharmed.”

The girls carefully handed him the brownies, and as soon as he had snatched the treats from their hands, they fled into the woods.  Running, they came upon the unicorn without realizing it, and slid to a stop.

The unicorn was handsome, all white with a shining golden horn.  He looked down at the two princesses and asked, “What do you want of me, Princesses?”  (All unicorns recognize a princess immediately, even without their crowns.  Unicorns are magic that way.)

Still shaken from their encounter with the bear, Beautiful whispered, “We have come to ask you for a magic wand.”

The unicorn nodded wisely, for he had already known.  “I will give you a magic wand,” he said, “but for a price.  You must give me many kisses, and brush my mane.”  For this is what unicorns love most of all.

Eagerly, the princesses both kissed his face many times, and carefully brushed his mane.  When they had finished to the unicorn’s satisfaction, he reached up his golden horn and touched the branch of the tree.  It broke free and fell, turning into a magic wand as it did.  The princesses picked up the wand carefully, thanking the unicorn, and raced home. 

As they neared the bear, Sara and Beautiful slowed down.  They sneaked by quietly without the bear’s notice, for he was still stuffing his face with the brownies.  Once free of the forest, they rushed to the magician’s castle and handed him the magic wand.

The magician was pleased with the wand.  Waving it in the air in a circle, he touched each Princess on the head once, and their hair quickly transformed into their desired color.  Princess Sara had gorgeous blonde hair, and Princess Beautiful had exquisite brown hair.  And they both lived happily with their hair color for the rest of their lives.  The end.