What I Read: Print Media

I read a lot, as I mentioned in the previous post.  I also read a lot of different things.  I’m starting to find more and more in the internet world to read, but print media is where I’m most comfortable.

I subscribe to National Geographic.  That is the main magazine I read, although I do peruse my husband’s Birder’s World for a few of the columns.  (I especially like “Birder At Large” by Pete Dunne.)

I read a lot of non-fiction books.  My taste here is somewhat eclectic, although most of it has to be interestingly written and geared toward non-experts for me to enjoy it.  Broad history (like Guns, Germs, and Steel or A History of the World in Six Glasses) and linguistics and grammar (Eats, Shoots & Leaves and The Unfolding of Language in particular) are two areas that I find fascinating.  I am also a science and bird geek (I have a degree in zoology and 767 birds on my life list) so books relating to those topics are also frequently in my world.  Some of my favorites are The Verb “To Bird”  and The Big Year.  I definitely don’t stick with those areas; I liked both of Malcolm Gladwell’s books that I read, and I am open to almost any subject if it fits the previous criteria. 

When it comes to fiction I am a bit more narrowly focused.  I do enjoy the occasional general fiction novel – I am quite fond of Michael Crichton and Dan Brown – or perhaps a mystery now and then, but the bulk of my fiction reading is fantasy.  My favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Jacqueline Carey, and Terry Goodkind.  I will also happily recommend Cecilia Dart-Thornton or Robert Jordan, if those are more suited to your tastes.  And of course, I love the Harry Potter series.  I plan to re-read them once the last of the movies is out.  (Another rule: no movies based on books I like.  I did find that I can enjoy the Harry Potter movies if I haven’t read the books lately, but that means I have to wait before I read them again.)  Much to the shame of my fantasy-reading friends, I started reading Tolkien in junior high and high school, and couldn’t finish them.  Maybe I should try again… 

What about you?  Anything you’d recommend for me?