Friends as Mermaids

All of my friends end up influencing the characters in my books in some way.  Most of the time I make a collage from traits; this person’s attitude, that person’s background, her mom’s hair, my sister’s voice.  Every character has a little bit of me in them, too. But for this novel I’ve decided to give a friend a full-blown cameo appearance, partly as a thank you for a Renn Faire Road Trip, and partly because she’s such a character herself.

I think everyone has that secret impossible dream.  You know, that perfect situation that has a multiple-zeros-after-the-decimal percent chance of happening.  (Mine is to be interviewed by Oprah about the new movie coming out based on my best-selling novel.  Not original or likely, I know, but it is my dream.)  My friend Amy’s dream is to marry an NFL running back.  That, or to become a mermaid.

I can’t do anything about the whole football player dream.  I can, however, make her into a mermaid, at least in my novel.  When I asked her if that would be okay, you should have heard her scream.  It was awesome.

Now I just need to figure out how I can somehow include “I ain’t gonna lie” in her dialogue…  🙂

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