I stumbled across the “writing tags” section of WordPress tonight, and started scrolling through to see if my posts popped.

It turns out that there are WAY more wannabe authors out there that blog than I thought.  I am really intimidated now.

Wow.  Now I know what a diatom feels like.


Patience is a necessity

I dislike waiting.

You can ask my parents, my sister, my husband, my friends, even my coworkers.  Patience is not my forte.  I’ve gotten better as I have aged (does that make me wine or cheese?) but I am still not a fan of lines, delays, or required waiting periods.

Unfortunately, my impatience does not make a difference to literary agents.  In fact, the rule so far (if there can be a rule when I’ve only sent out 9 queries) is that if I get a response quickly, it is a negative response.  Thus, I want to wait, but I really don’t like doing it.

I am the kind of person who checks email obsessively when there might be news and considers answering the phone for an unfamiliar number, even when it is clearly just a telemarketer.  Yes, I get my hopes up easily.   There are still two “active” queries out there for my first novel – one email, one snail mail.  The email query went to an agency that said they typically reply in 3-6 weeks, so at least there is a a shoreline on the horizon.  The snail mail query may never get a response, as the agency said they reply “only if interested.”  Not holding my breath for that one.

I just have to remember that slow news is better than immediate rejection news.  Now I just need to find a good place to get some patience.  Any recommendations?