An Author’s Laptop

While I am perfectly happy to sit at a desk and type on a desktop computer at work – as long as it is not all day, every day – I do not enjoy sitting at a desk at home to work on my stories.  If I’m typing for fun, I want to sit on the couch, in a restaurant, or even on my back porch.  In order to make this happen, a laptop is required.

My husband and I decided recently that it was time for me to get a new computer.   This was to be my “author’s laptop” so my criteria were very specific.  It had to be light enough to carry around, small enough to fit in my backpack, and have a long enough battery life so I could work “unplugged” for a while. 

When we went to a large electronics store to look, I picked up every laptop, compared battery life, and typed on the ones that I liked.  A good author’s laptop requires a keyboard that is comfortable to use, after all.  I ended up with a Dell Inspiron, and I love it.  It is small and lightweight with an excellent keyboard and a decent battery life – I recently took it on a trip with two long layovers, and used it on and off throughout the whole travel day without needing to charge it.

I also got a fabulous new laptop bag.  Now I can take my story with me.  One more way I can feel like a real author!