The Cursed SASE

A quick vocab lesson before we start:

Query Letters are what I am sending to literary agents to ask (thus the “query”) if they would consider representing my manuscript.  A SASE is a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, which accompanies the snail mail queries so the agents can send their responses back to me on my dime.

Now that you know the terminology, time for the tale.

In the first round of my query letters, one of them was returned to me marked as “undeliverable.”  After I got over my brief wave of disappointment, I opened it up and took out the SASE.  I figured I might as well save it and reuse it in the next round. 

I sent it out again this round, as one of the three SASEs I included in snail mail letters.  The old one had a holiday stamp, while the other two had “forever” stamps with the Liberty Bell on them.

If you read the title of this entry, you can probably guess where this is going. 

Another letter came back, again marked as “undeliverable.”  When I opened the envelope and saw the same SASE with the now very out of season snowman stamp, I couldn’t believe it.  I cut the stamp off to put on a bill and threw away the envelope.   It isn’t just athletes who are superstitious.



I just finished reading Naked Conversations,a book about business blogging by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, and I have decided to add my voice to the growing choir of internet voices. I am certain there are a multitude of wannabe authors with blogs out there; it is like our version of a reality TV show.  We pour our sweat and thoughts onto the blog and America (and the world) votes on a daily basis through comments and links.  (Vote for me!)

I am trying to get a fantasy novel published, and I am writing another novel (also fantasy, but unrelated to the first).  I plan to blog about the process I am going through to try to get published, but I’m also going to talk about my writing process, my reading, and maybe a little bit about me. 

I hope you enjoy!